Music Production


Welcome to the heart of VaderLand! We cannot wait to hear what you have made or your ideas and bring them to life for you!

We specialize in professional Mixing, Recording, and Mastering.


Contact us now to get your song off the paper and all over the world! 

Before you Contact!
1. Pricing Varies on need of production
2. VaderLand Keeps %20 of Royalties on music Produced by VaderLand
3. Mastering is a flat fee of $50 (yes if all you need is a mastered track it is only $50)
4. If you need lyrics, pricing depends on length of lyrics (minimum $50)
5. Recording session $200
6. Song from our Library $20 (if you have your own song you only pay for the recording session and Master Track)
7.Full Song Production and Recording (not including lyrics) $200
8. Deposit Varies - Minimum $25 max $50

All other Questions and Information will be given through email or phone

Deposits are non- refundable unless job is abandoned by VaderLand Inc.